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Study Shows Global Tree Count 7.6X Larger Than Previously Thought.

Nature .com posted a study titled “Mapping tree density at a global scale”. This appalachiansimagesstudy dramatically changes our understanding of the number of trees on the globe. The study’s count is 3.04 trillion trees (3.04X10^12), which replaces the previous estimate of global trees of 400billion (400X10^9). As a point of reference, the study also expresses the change as trees per humans. Considering the currently estimated total global population of 7.2 billion (7.2X10^9), the study now shows the old count of 61 trees per person has grown to 422 trees per person.

New Count Old Count


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Don’t Worry About The National Debt, Radical Islam or Aggressive Nations, The Biggest Danger Is Global Warming

President Obama goes to Alaska to put before the members of the Arctic Council, alaskaoila pact that commits the member nations to fight global warming to save the Arctic. But China and India (holders of “permanent observer” status) wont sign it. They cite the need to expand their economies, wanting to approach the economic levels of the developed nations. Nothing new here. Indeed, Obama signed a pact with China to allow China to continue to increase their CO2 emission until 2030. In that same pact, he committed the USA to reducing its emissions by 26%-28% from 2005 levels by 2025. This pact signed last year, received high praise from the fawning mainstream media.


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