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“Drill Baby Drill”.   Does The President Think We Don’t Remember What He Said?

oil-fuel-of-the-pastPresident Obama has made it nearly impossible to access off-shore and Federal Lands for oil and natural gas development. See here and here. He campaigned in 2012 (He always is campaigning— he is much better at that than governing) saying that “Drill Baby Drill” was an empty slogan which would have no effect on crude oil prices. See the following Fox News report:

Back when gas topped $4 a gallon, Republicans chanted “drill, baby, drill” at rallies across the country — arguing more domestic drilling would increase supplies, reduce dependence on foreign oil and boost the U.S. economy.

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We Are Not Ready For EVs

evpluginUnknownWired has a posting titled “A Two-Day Battle to Charge My Car Convinced Me We’re Not Ready for EVs” by Alex Davies. Davies relates that he borrowed a Nisan Leaf for a test run. He planed to make a trip from San Francisco to Mountain Valley, California for a meeting. The distance from his apartment to the meeting is 35 miles. The mileage available meter on the Leaf indicates its range at the current charge was 50 miles. The trip to the meeting was uneventful. The problems begin when he knows that the battery charge is not sufficient to get him back to his apartment. What follows was several hours getting the Leaf charged.

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UPDating: Skeptics Are At A Huge Disadvantage Regarding Funding.

(This 11/03/2013 posting is being updated to include more comprehensive information regarding non-governmental organizations environmental contributions. The updates will be obvious as they will be in color.)

growing_money-resized-2It is misinformation, largely based upon purposeful lies, that a giant conspiracy funded by Big Oil is making people skeptical of the theory of man-made global warming. Accordingly, this supposed campaign has been so good that the majority of people do not think that global warming is a significant issue. Surely that must be the explanation, they say. How else could such an insignificant number of people (skeptics) be so persuasive?

Lets assume that the premise that enough money can buy opinion is factual. If so, who is getting the money? The skeptics or the warmers?

This posting looked at Federal Government funding of the Warmers. It also looked at funding by non-governmental groups. But a new book”Cracking Big Green” by Ron Arnold and Paul Driessen has more comprehensive information about non-government funding and I think the reader will understand how vast the funding for the Warmers is. The amounts of moneys that the Green Organizations have is breathtaking. One small section is lifted from the book to supplement my original information. It follows:

Cracking Big Green: to save the world from the save-the-earth money machine “This is where we open our inquiry in detail. More than 26,500 American environmental groups collected total revenues of over $81billion from 2000 to 2012 according to Giving USA Institute, with only a small part of that coming from membership dues and individual contributions. 

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No Global Warming For 18 Years And 3 Months

GoreNo global warming for 18 years and 3 months.   The catastrophic global warming crowd knows this to be true. They have been working very hard at coming up with an explanation for the pause. In fact there are at least 52 (some say up to 70) published competing theories trying to understand why the temperature is not rising even though atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) continues to rise. The chart below, Figure 1, from  a WattsUpWithThat posting  by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley illustrates the flat global temperature:


Figure 1. The least-squares linear-regression trend on the RSS satellite monthly global mean surface temperature anomaly dataset shows no global warming for 18 years 3 months since October 1996

Monckton says:

The Great Pause is a growing embarrassment to those who had told us with “substantial confidence” that the science was settled and the debate over. Nature had other ideas.

Read the full paper by clicking here.


Solar Cycle 24: 2014 Review

ancientsun6289386788_3f700efdbc_zSolar Cycle 24 maximum occurred in February of this year when the International sunspot number peaked at 102. An earlier  maximum call was made in late 2011 when the sunspot number reached about 96.  That was followed by several months of declining sunspot counts, then activity picked up and a “double peak” resulted. The smoothed¹ number for the peak is 82 (versus the actual monthly value of 102). December 2014 sunspot number was 78. So the smoothed number for December has not yet been calculated, but it is estimated that it will be about 68.

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NASA Satellite:Highest Levels Of CO2 In Southern Hemisphere

A new NASA satellite finds the highest levels of atmospheric CO2 in the Southern Hemisphere. One would have expected the highest levels over the Northern Hemisphere where the highest concentration of fossil fuel use occurs. This result is the first publication of the satellite’s measurements so it may be an anomaly.

NASA provided the following “Average CO2 Concentration Oct 1 to Nov. 11, 2014” chart:

OCO-2image2Note the scale on the bottom of the chart, that ranges from 387 to 402.5 ppm atmospheric CO2. As you can see the more red the coloring on the chart the higher the CO2 level. Roughly the red begins about 400 ppm. The reddest areas are over South America, Africa, Indonesia, China, the Northern Pacific East of Japan and the Southern Pacific East of Australia.

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