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Collapsing Consensus–Next Targets Are The Professional Societies

In my previous posting I wondered when the “consensus” scientists would begin to openly call into question the theory that CO2 is the primary forcing agent driving global warming. The longer the “pause” in global warming continues, (the IPCC head, Dr. Pachuri said the pause is now at 17 years), the harder it must be to steadfastly hold to the CO2 theory. Skeptics largely agree that CO2 is a forcing agent but have maintained that natural forces were probably the dominate force. In my opinion, the Sun is most likely the major forcing agent even though the exact mechanism has yet to be proven.

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Where Are The “Consensus” Scientists Hiding?

Dr Rajendra Pachauri admits that there has been no global warming for 17 years.  Dr Pachauri is, if you don’t know, the leader of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a branch of the UN.  The IPCC has issued reports on climate change which conclude—- burning of fossil fuels releases CO2 causing a “dramatic” increase in global temperatures.  The IPCC documents have had widespread influence. For example, the US EPA successfully used these reports as the technical justification to declare CO2 a hazardous pollutant that needed to be regulated. The IPCC’s belief is that natural forces are inconsequential.
For the last 17 years, CO2 emissions resulting from fossil fuel burning have increased.  The measurement of atmospheric CO2 has climbed steadily over these 17 years and yet the global temperature has not risen.  Proving that the natural forces indeed are consequential.

Dr Evans: “Climate Change in 12 Minutes-The Skeptic’s Case”

Dr David Evans has made a youtube video titled “Climate Change in 12 Minutes-The Skeptic’s Case”.  The focus of this video is the “positive feedback” claimed by the greens which they claim amplifies the effect of CO2.   This positive feedback is used in all the green’s computer models.  These computer outputs are incompatible with the actual data. Air and ocean temperatures as well has the tropical hotspots do not agree with computer output. In fact, a negative feedback appears to exist that reduces, rather than amplify, the effect of CO2.
See Evan’s video by clicking here.

Extreme Weather A Non-Starter When Facts Are Examined

If you are alarmed by the forecasts of dreadful things that are going to happen because of global warming, there is good news. The good news is that since the beginning of the alarmist’s 25+ year campaign to frighten you, nearly all their forecasts have failed to come true. The media would do their readers and themselves a real service if they actually reviewed and published the global warming alarmist’s forecasts versus actual outcomes for temperature, hurricanes, sea level, etc..  But they don’t, so you get a new batch of dire forecasts from the same people who have yet to demonstrate they can make a forecast that ultimately matches reality.

Asteroid DA14 Passes By Earth Friday 15 Feb.

NASA provides the video animation of asteroid DA14 that passes  near-by the Earth on Friday 15 February 2013.  The asteroid will be about 17,150 miles (27,600 kilometers) above Earth’s surface.


More Range Anxiety From Tesla. Trip On Newly “Electrified” I 95 Falls Short Of Plan

Tesla planned, for  NY Times writer John Broder,  a trip using their model S top of the line all-electric car.  The plan was to test out Tesla’s newly “electrified I 95 corridor” that has two charging stations along the way.  The idea here is that these two station should allow for a trip from Washington DC to the Boston area. Things did not work out.

The model S is a $101,000 vehicle with a 85 Kilowatt-hour battery that Tesla reports has a range of 300 miles between charges. The EPA rates the range at 265 miles.  The distance from Broder’s home to the first charging station in Newark, DE was about 114 miles and the distance to the second charging station in Milford, CN is about 200 miles.  So the trip should be easy. Below is a NYTimes graphic of the trip.  The numbers represent the each new phase of the journey.

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Asteroids Caused By Global Warming?

Just when you thought it might be safe, along comes another  misinformed media talking head.  This one thinks that even asteroids could be caused by global warming.  My guess is that she is not alone in being this deep into the Koolaid.  She does not seem to think for herself; she just believes everything the alarmist preach.

Read this and be sure to look at the video.